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Commercial lots and roadways aren’t just expansive spaces with no delineation. The integrated and painted lines, symbols, and markers help to direct traffic flow, ease congestion, and increase safety. At Challenge Asphalt, our expert asphalt striping services make your lot as functional as it is beautiful for years to come.

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Benefits of Striping

+ Increased visibility

+ Increased safety for workers and customers

+ Directed traffic, which leads to reduced congestion

+ Highlight potential hazards like uneven surfaces

+ Added aesthetics with patterns, designs, or logoss

What to expect

When you choose Challenge Asphalt for your asphalt striping needs, you get our best-in-class equipment, decades of experience, and commitment to your project. We take the time to understand your needs before deciding which type of striping is best for your project. Part of this process includes long-term maintenance planning to ensure lines stay visible and functional for years to come.

Striping FAQs

No two commercial asphalt projects are the same; neither are their striping needs. Here are some commonly asked questions and answers. 

  • How often do I need to refresh my striping? The answer depends on how heavy the traffic is in your lot. For high-traffic areas, you’ll probably need re-painting about once a year. For lower-traffic areas, this can extend to every two to three years. 
  • How long does the paint take to dry? We time our painting with optimal weather conditions, so, in general, it only takes about 30 to 60 minutes to dry completely. 
  • What do I do if I want to change my parking lot layout/striping configuration? We’re always up for a challenge! Our expert crew can help you change or re-design your layout to suit your business’s needs. We grind away existing stripes and paint over them where necessary for a seamless look. 


commercial parking lot striping

Expert Asphalt Striping Since 1961

At Challenge Asphalt, we know the value of a well-installed, properly marked, and regularly maintained parking lot or roadway.

Our family-owned business is operated by an experienced crew who never cuts corners. The goal with every project—no matter the scope—is to install, maintain, and restore commercial asphalt jobs that last for years to come and exceed our customers’ (and your customers’) expectations. If you’ve got a challenge, we’ve got a solution.



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