Challenge Asphalt Driveway Installation

Your driveway is an important (and well-used) part of your home’s exterior. It creates a smooth transition from the street to your home, boosts curb appeal, and eliminates unwanted dirt from being tracked inside. Beyond this essential functionality, it can become an extension of your landscaping and host memories like chalk games, lemonade stands, or tailgate parties. At Challenge Asphalt, we have decades of experience with driveway installation, meeting all scopes, budgets, and timelines.

driveway installation

Benefits of a New Driveway

+ Increased curb appeal and home value

+ Safe and clean traffic area

+ Graded for water runoff in unwanted landscape areas

+ Durability, flexibility, and a lower likelihood of cracking

+ Ease of maintenance and lower upkeep costs

+ Affordability compared to other surface options

What to expect

When you choose Challenge Asphalt for your driveway installation, you get our best-in-class equipment, decades of experience, and commitment to your vision and budget. Before we lay asphalt, we grade and compact the subsoil to 95% relative density. Then, working with a soil engineer, we use the traffic index to create a roadbed of crushed rock and sand between 4 and 6 inches thick.

We use our self-propelled paving machine to lay the hot asphalt around 2.5 and 3 inches thick and roll it to compact. By doing this, we achieve a smooth, tight, and textured finish that’s both visually appealing and functional.

driveway installation in California

Expert Driveway Installation Since 1961

At Challenge Asphalt, we know the value of a well-installed and regularly maintained driveway.

Our family-owned business is operated by a highly experienced crew who never cuts corners. The goal with every project—no matter the scope—is to achieve a durable, cost-efficient driveway that exceeds our customers’ expectations. If you’ve got a challenge, we’ve got a solution.



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