Challenge Asphalt Parking Lot Installation

A parking lot is often the first point of contact customers will have with a facility. One that’s clean and well-maintained leaves a lasting, positive impression. At Challenge Asphalt, we have decades of experience with parking lot installation projects of all scopes, timelines, and budgets. Our expert crew meets your planning, paving, and permitting needs for durable and safe lots.

parking lot installation

Benefits of a New Parking Lot

+ Improved safety and reduced liability

+ Increased curb appeal and property value for your business

+ Increased parking capacity and traffic flow (especially with proper striping)

+ Investment into your long-term business goals with overall cost-effectiveness

What to expect

When you choose Challenge Asphalt for your parking lot installation, you get our best-in-class equipment, decades of experience, and commitment to your vision and budget. Before we pave or resurface, we consider the lot’s physical characteristics, usage factors (including traffic and flow patterns), and safety requirements. After this, we grade and compact the subsoil to 95% relative density. Then, working with a soil engineer, we use the traffic index to create a roadbed of crushed rock and sand, which we lay between 4 and 8 inches thick.

We then use our self-propelled paving machine to lay the hot asphalt between 2.5 and 4 inches thick and roll it to compact. If more than 4 inches, we complete multiple lifts. This allows us to achieve a smooth, tight-textured finish for a lot that lasts upwards of 20 years.

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Expert Parking Lot Installation Since 1961

At Challenge Asphalt, we know the value of a well-installed parking lot and the importance of that lot being functional for years to come.

Our family-owned business is operated by an experienced crew who never cuts corners. The goal with every project—no matter the scope—is to achieve a durable, cost-efficient lot that exceeds our customers’ (and your customers’) expectations. If you’ve got a challenge, we’ve got a solution.



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