Parking Lot Installation

parking lot installation

A commercial parking lot is built by first grading and compacting the sub soil to 95% relative density. Depending upon the traffic index, which is provided by a soils engineer, a road bed consisting of crushed rock and sand is laid, typically 4″ – 8″ thick. This material is fine graded, watered and rolled to a compacted density of 95%. The new hot asphalt is then laid, typically 2.5″ – 4″ thick, with a self-propelled paving machine and rolled to compact, achieving a smooth and tight-textured finish. If the asphalt is laid 4″ or thicker, it must be done in multiple lifts. The finished commercial parking lot should last approximately twenty years.

Challenge Asphalt commercial parking lots are ADA compliant. Our team is available to provide assistance with planning and permitting.

Parking lots are oftentimes the first point of contact with a facility

A clean, well paved and maintained parking lot communicates key values and leaves a lasting impression on visitors.  Challenge Asphalt is capable of servicing a wide range of commercial parking lot projects. Factors we consider when preparing to pave or resurface a commercial parking lot include:

  • Physical characteristics and conditions of the parking lot
  • Usage factors of the pavement, such as the types and weights of traffic and flow patterns
  • Parking lot safety requirements


Paving many of Santa Barbara County’s finest parking lots

With over 50 years experience in commercial asphalt, Challenge Asphalt takes pride in paving many of Santa Barbara County’s finest parking lots, specializing in commercial parking lot paving installation as well as the reconstruction and resurfacing of existing commercial and industrial parking lots. We look forward to helping you determine the right paving application for you. For further information about parking lot installation, give us a call at 805-969-2616 or email us, we would be more that happy to assist you.