Residential Asphalt Maintenance

residential asphalt

Restore, weatherize and protect your asphalt driveway

There are many benefits of choosing asphalt for your home driveway, including increasing curb appeal and home value, providing a safe and clean traffic area, management of runoff water in unwanted landscape areas, durability and flexibility and ease of maintenance and affordability compared to other surface options. Typically, most issues associated with residential asphalt driveways are due to lack of appropriate maintenance. Timely asphalt maintenance, such as seal coating and crack or pothole repair, will help restore, weatherize and protect your driveway until a complete resurfacing is needed.

With proper maintenance, a well paved residential driveway should last for approximately twenty years. New asphalt should be seal coated and broomed for a strong bond and thicker wearing surface with Guard Top seal coat within the first year of installation and resealed every four years.

Some older driveways that aren’t quite ready for a complete resurfacing may develop minor areas of failure or potholes. These can be cleaned out and hot patched prior to the Guard Top seal coat application. We use a specialized rubberized crack sealant to keeps cracks water-tight while remaining pliable to resist splitting and asphalt degradation.

Why maintain your asphalt?

Maintaining your home asphalt protects and preserves the asphalt, extending the life of your pavement. The result is pavement that is better to drive on, more aesthetically pleasing and will cost less over the long run.

With over 50 years experience in residential asphalt, Challenge Asphalt can help ensure the beauty, protection and durability of residential asphalt through proper maintenance solutions. Our team looks forward to helping you determine the right maintenance application for you.

For further information about your asphalt maintenance needs, give us a call at 805-969-2616 or email us, we would be more than happy to assist you.