Challenge Asphalt Petromat Overlays

Caring for your driveway can mean many things. For some, the petromat overlay system is an incredibly valuable addition to their existing pavement. The system, first introduced in 1966, consists of a non-woven polypropylene fabric field saturated with an asphalt cement tack coat. When placed between pavement layers, this system extends the life of the asphalt by forming a barrier to water and absorbing stress. Challenge Asphalt has used the petromat system for decades to improve pavement performance and reduce maintenance lifecycle costs for our customers.

residential petromat overlay

Benefits of the Petromat System

+ Strengthened and reinforced base course of asphalt to better withstand traffic loads

+ Mitigation of mirror or reflective cracking

+ Life extension of new asphalt pavement overlays

+ Improved pavement performance

+ Reduced maintenance and lifecycle costs

+ Longer pavement life in new asphalt concrete pavements

What to expect

When you choose Challenge Asphalt for your petromat needs, you get our best-in-class equipment, decades of experience, and commitment to your project. The petromat paving fabric is saturated with an asphalt tack coat to form a substantial interlayer media to absorb stresses. As stresses along cracks and joints are absorbed within the fabric, they are not translated or reflected onto the new asphalt overlay. The result is a more durable driveway.

Depending on your driveway usage and goals, we can walk you through a driveway maintenance plan that combines petromat overlays with seal coating and repair every couple of years.

finished petromat product

Expert Petromat Overlays Since 1961

At Challenge Asphalt, we know the value of a well-installed and regularly maintained driveway.

Our family-owned business is operated by an experienced crew who never cuts corners. The goal with every project—no matter the scope—is to install, maintain, and restore driveways that last for years to come and exceed our customers’ expectations. If you’ve got a challenge, we’ve got a solution.



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