Challenge Asphalt Seal Coating

To prolong that just-paved look, seal coating is the way to go. This protective coating is crucial in your driveway’s lifecycle and long-term maintenance plan. At Challenge Asphalt, we have decades of experience applying residential seal coating that prevents damage and keeps driveways looking and functioning like new.

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Benefits of Seal Coating

+ Enhanced skid resistance

+ Increased pavement life

+ Prevention of water beneath the pavement’s surface

+ Serves as a binder from oils and gas

+ Improved pavement cleaning

What to expect

When you choose Challenge Asphalt for your seal coating needs, you get our best-in-class equipment, decades of experience, and commitment to your project. Before laying asphalt, our crew will outline a comprehensive maintenance plan with a recommended seal coating timeline.

With new asphalt, we use GuardTop seal coat within the first year of installation, which helps us achieve a strong bond and thicker wearing surface. If your driveway is older, we’ll first clean out and hot patch potholes and cracks before adding the GuardTop application, which we broom on to remove excess aggregate particles.

Because seal coating is a preventative measure, we recommend reapplying it every two to three years.

About GuardTop Seal Coat

Our seal coat material of choice is GuardTop. The asphalt-based product includes a proprietary blend of base stocks, mineral aggregates, and high solids content. Because GuardTop is not tar-based, it’s an eco-friendly option to protect your driveway.  

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Expert seal coating Since 1961

At Challenge Asphalt, we know the value of a well-installed and regularly maintained driveway.

Our family-owned business is operated by an experienced crew who never cuts corners. The goal with every project—no matter the scope—is to install, maintain, and restore driveways that last for years to come and exceed our customers’ expectations. If you’ve got a challenge, we’ve got a solution.



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